Fresh Friday 4/19/19: Pecan Tart


Generously filled with pecans and pillow-like custard inside a crumbly tart shell, our buttery Pecan Tart is a celebration of texture in every bite.  Approximately 8.5″ in diameter, the tart yields 10 slices (or 12 thin/ 8 generous slices).

Limited edition of fresh tarts are available every Friday. Pre-order by Thursday (4/18) for pick-up on Friday (4/19) between 2pm-6pm.

Honest, simple ingredients: butter, milk, eggs, sugar (light brown, powdered, granulated), wheat flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, vinegar, pecans

Calories (by the size of slice):  326 (1 of 12); 391 (1 of 10); 489 (1 of 8)

Tip: Please enjoy the tart on the day of, or refrigerate it until use and serve either cold or at room temperature. It will keep well refrigerated for 3 days. To reserve some for a later date, you can pre-slice them fresh, individually wrap, and then freeze. Simply pull one out each time to enjoy a slice. The tart is uniquely delicious cold!

Only 4 left in stock