Fresh Friday: Chocolate Pecan Tartlets, Box of 6


Pecan Tartlets are our individually-sized mini pecan tarts. Addition of chocolate gives the classic pecan taste another layer of scrumptiousness! With no cutting necessary, they are easy to eat and to share with a group!

Box of 6 Tartlets.  Pre-order by Thursday (4/18) for pick-up on Friday (4/19) between 2pm-6pm.

Honest, simple ingredients: butter, milk, eggs, sugar (light brown, powdered, granulated), wheat flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, pecans

Tip: Tartlets will keep well refrigerated for 3 or more days. To reserve some for a later date, individually wrap, and freeze. Simply pull one out each time to enjoy it cold, or microwave for 15-20 seconds to just remove the chill, or a little bit longer to melt the chocolate chips inside.

Only 3 left in stock