Our petite selection is below for general ordering guideline.  Please contact us with questions or for further discussion of your occasion.  Kindly allow several weeks to months in advance so that we may be able to best plan for your order.  For more quickly available items to pick-up in a few days, please visit our online Shop.  You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook with more visual postings.  Thank you.


  • Regular size: $2 each for minimum 2 dozen order. Choice of 1 flavor/color combination (e.g. raspberry flavor/blush pink color, vanilla bean flavor/natural off-white color, etc.): $50
  • Mini size: $1 each for minimum 4 dozen order. Up to 2 choices of flavor/color combination: $50
  • “2 & 2”: 2 dozen regular size and 2 dozen minis. Up to 3 choices of flavor/color combination: $75
  • Macaron Favors (regular size): Clear 2″ cubic box holding two regular size macarons. Decoration not included. $5/box
  • Mini Favors: Clear 1.5″ cubic box holding two mini macarons. Decoration not included. $3/box
  • Macaron Tower: About 12″ height with about 44 regular size macarons. Starts at $120
  • Colors: We will try our best to match the shade of your inspiration colors
  • Accents: Available for additional cost, metallic or pearly finish, gold leaf, piping, hand writing/painting with edible ink
  • Flavors: Raspberry, Rose water, Citrus zest, Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Earl grey, Rooibos, Blueberry, Mint chocolate chip, Lavender, etc

Pecan Tarts

  • Large Tart: 9” round, 10~12 servings: $36/ tart
  • Pecan Tartlet Gift Box: 12 smaller pecan rounds, individually wrapped for easy sharing on-the-go: $40/ box


  • Regular size: Starts at $3.25 each for minimum 1 dozen order. Includes choice of a flavor and a custom color for piped buttercream and simple accent (chocolate curls, sprinkles or pearls)
  • Mini size: $2 each for minimum 2 dozen order
  • Flavors: Classic vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, or carrot. Topped with Italian meringue buttercream, or cream cheese frosting
  • Additional simple décor may be available for added cost: e.g. macarons, fondant blossoms, gold leaf, etc.