Birthday Baking Party


Recently, we had a delightful opportunity of hosting a lovely 9-year-old girl’s birthday party at our kitchen. We began our time with everyone’s hands cleanly washed, vibrant aprons and chef hats in place, and excitement rising around the demo table with fresh ingredients for cupcakes laid out. The kids reviewed the ingredients, took turns sifting the “dry,” preparing the “wet” and then combining the two, while learning the importance of not over-mixing the batter. Everyone practiced filling the luscious vanilla batter into their festive, gold cupcake liners in just the right amounts. Soon the cupcake sponges baked beautifully, springing back to touch, and as they cooled, we prepared buttercreams to frost and decorate the cupcakes next.

If anyone ever wants to witness the creativity and artistic talents in kids, one only has to hand them a few piping bags fitted with different tips, and some edible decorations would be a plus, and then, simply watch. Kids will most likely impress and amaze you.

Seeing kids enjoying the process of baking, decorating and learning, really affirmed the values of teaching, helping provide an opportunity, and encouraging.

At the end of decorating their own cupcakes, the kids drew and wrote mini birthday wishes on fondant discs that would adorn the birthday girl’s cupcake cake. What better cake than one frosted with love and blessings from your friends?


We hope to be able to host more memorable birthday parties in 2015, after the coming holiday season. We couldn’t wait to share about this experience until then, though. : ]

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Baking Party

  1. yay!!! I am super excited! I need to sign my girls up… maybe even for my birthday! you are so awesome! thank you for offering this!

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