December 2015


Happy Holidays! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for your continuous, kind support of our operation. It speaks love to us when you enjoy our bakes! : ) The large pecan tarts will continue to be on promotion until Christmas. We are also offering a festive assortment set of 6 regular-size macarons

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Hi Friends! We will soon be in South Africa to visit an amazing organization, Zimele. In their 8th year, Zimele has been empowering communities toward self-reliance, by confronting root causes of poverty and equipping individuals with skills and tools to stand on their own two feet. As a huge milestone, Zimele became the first organization in SA to reach Federation level!

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Birthday Baking Party


Recently, we had a delightful opportunity of hosting a lovely 9-year-old girl’s birthday party at our kitchen. We began our time with everyone’s hands cleanly washed, vibrant aprons and chef hats in place, and excitement rising around the demo table with fresh ingredients for cupcakes laid out. The kids reviewed the ingredients, took turns sifting the “dry,”

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A Sweet Production

Happy 2014, Everyone!

Recently, we partook in a collaborative photoshoot, and the experience was beyond wonderful. Witnessing the synergy of unique talents and efforts lead into a beautiful and delicious production was an epitome of inspirational learning. We were so happy for our now “model-status” baked goods, too, for all the spotlight and professional touch presented on them throughout the event. : ]

We are so grateful to have worked with these amazing individuals through whom all of this was possible:

Photographer: Rowa Lee (

Prop Stylist: Brooke Deonarine (

Production Assistant: Melissa Choi (

Hope you enjoy the dessert party! : ]

2013 End Note

2013… From entering this year amidst the exciting and long renovation work, to finally moving into a wonderful new kitchen mid-year, to now baking one of the final batches of Christmas macarons, we’re deeply grateful for the special gift 2013 has been. We cannot help but be thankful for the many precious interactions and friendships, both

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Thanksgiving Baked Goods!

The weather is undoubtedly getting colder and daylight even shorter, but the warmth of next week’s Thanksgiving is actively ushering in this season of special gatherings. We’re excited to announce our new Pumpkin macaron! Our macaron packaging has a new look as well, just in time for Thanksgiving. : ] The Thanksgiving Macaron Set includes 5 pieces

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A Minion Dominion

With permission, we share this priceless snapshot of what went on inside our customer’s fridge… ; ] Creatively directed, photographed and captioned by Kai Wong!  Thank you! We always love to see our baked goods being enjoyed by our customers, and sometimes, their minions! Please feel free to share your photos with us at

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Our new site has launched!

Our website and online store have officially launched! We have also moved to a new physical location of a brand new kitchen in Englewood, NJ.  We hope our new website will better serve our customers online as we still operate on advance orders from our kitchen location. A heartfelt thanks for all the support and

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