2013 End Note



From entering this year amidst the exciting and long renovation work,

to finally moving into a wonderful new kitchen mid-year,

to now baking one of the final batches of Christmas macarons,

we’re deeply grateful for the special gift 2013 has been.

We cannot help but be thankful for the many precious interactions and friendships,

both enduring and beginning,

that have continuously welled encouragements into this journey,

especially in times of challenging uncertainties.

So we just want to express.. a huge THANK YOU!  : ]

And it is our enduring hope, too, that our baked goods would continue to encourage and lift people up.

The fragrance of this season, every year, seems to be the message of Hope-

hope despite, hope because, hope anew, and hope always.

So we hope that your holiday season would be filled with great, renewed hope, and wonderful moments shared with dear ones.

Our online shop and the kitchen will also be enjoying rest starting 12/22/13 until 1/5/14.

We thank you for your visit, and for continued interest and kind support!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

See you in 2014!  : ]

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